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4 wheel alignment – all wheel tracking for any car or van

Correct wheel alignment or tracking ensures your vehicle drives straight and true, as well as reducing tyre wear. Your wheels can go out of alignment due to kerbing, accidents or potholes. Our computer-controlled wheel alignment system can get your vehicle back on track..

Bad wheel alignment can take the joy out of your driving and if left unchecked can cause damage to other parts of your vehicle. Correct wheel alignment ensures that the grip and handling of your car is as the manufacturer specified, keeping you safe.

Computerised wheel alignment

Using the latest computerised alignment system, we can ensure that your wheel geometry is accurate. Our fully qualified technicians use the manufacturer standard settings for each of the key angles so that once your wheels are aligned your car drives exactly as it should.

Because accidents can affect your wheel tracking, we can complete 4 wheel alignment where necessary as part of our accident repair services.

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Issues caused by poor wheel alignment

There are a number of problems that can be caused by bad tracking. Some of these are easily noticeable and can be used to diagnose a problem with wheel alignment. Others can be harder to spot, but can cause problems in the longer term.

Uneven tyre wear

Poorly aligned wheels can result in your tyres failing to contact the ground properly. This results in less grip and means that your tyres will wear unevenly and more quickly, which can be costly in the long term.

Vehicle steering to one side

If your vehicle pulls to one side when driving on a flat road it is likely that your tracking is out. Worn parts or heavy impacts can cause your wheels to point in the wrong direction, which leads to drifting.

Steering wheel vibrations

Vibrations through your steering wheel at different speeds can be a symptom of bad wheel alignment, though wheel balancing can also be a cause. These vibrations can cause damage throughout the drivetrain, which can result in expensive repairs.

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