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SMART bodywork repairs for all cars and vans

Small scratches and dents can be really frustrating, but the cost of repair may be off-putting. SMART repairs allow small and medium areas of bodywork to be repaired much more cheaply. Find out how Liam Kenny can help with your minor dings and scrapes.

Smart Repairs

Low cost SMART bodywork repairs

SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. Instead of replacing entire panels, SMART allows just the damaged area to be repaired.

SMART repairs are ideal for small scuffs, scratches and dents that have a cosmetic impact, but have not fundamentally damaged your vehicle. Because only the damaged area is repaired, the cost for parts and labour is much lower than with traditional repair techniques. This means that your vehicle can look as good as new for relatively low cost. Despite the lower cost, the finish of our SMART repairs is always of the highest standard.

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What type of damage can SMART repairs be used on?

SMART repairs are ideal for smaller areas of damage on bodywork and alloy wheels. These include:

  • scratches to paint and alloys
  • dents to panels and bumpers
  • chips to paint and alloys
  • missing or damaged exterior trim
  • scuffed or damaged bumpers.

SMART repairs are typically used for minor damage such as car park bumps and scrapes, kerbing, reversing into posts or vandalism such as keying. SMART repairs may also be appropriate for minor accident damage.

To find out if SMART repairs are right for your vehicle, please call one of our expert advisers on 01865 880011 or complete our online enquiry form.

The benefits of SMART repairs

SMART repairs are an alternative to traditional panel beating and bodywork techniques. At Liam Kenny Motor Body Repairs we are experienced in both approaches, so we are happy to advise on which is the most appropriate for your vehicle.

Because the SMART approach aims to repair only the area directly affected it offers a range of benefits over traditional methods.

Lower cost

Rather than replacing complete panels, SMART repairs involve repairing, buffing or painting localised areas of bodywork. This means that the repair can be completed more quickly, the parts cost is also much lower. This makes SMART repairs a cost-effective way to get your car looking its best.

Reduces insurance claims

Because the cost of SMART repairs are often lower than insurance excesses, they are often paid for out of pocket rather than by making a claim. This means fewer claims on your policy, reducing your insurance costs in the longer term.

The same, fully qualified technicians

At Liam Kenny Motor Body Repairs, all of our technicians are fully trained and qualified in their fields. When you come to us for your SMART repairs you get the same level of expertise and the same high quality finish at a much lower cost.

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